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Business premises

Offices or business premises are rented by the Municipality of Racibórz in form of an open tender procedure, as defined in a Resolution of the Council of Racibórz No XLV/709/2010 dated 29 September.

The tender procedure is related to the value of a monthly rent of given business premises. The applicable rental rates are defined by the regulation of the President of Racibórz no 1177/2013 dated 21.02.2013 r.
Shall the first tender bid fail, a second tender is organised with a rental rate per 1m2 as defined in the first open tender procedure. Shall the second tender bid fail too, the business premises can be rented without a tender procedure.

Sales of business premises owned by the Municipality of Racibórz to leaseholders is carried out according to the resolution no XLI/745/2010 of the Council of Racibórz dated 27th October 2010. The premises currently available for sale or lease are listed below.
ul. Kozielska 7 Renting through recourse 12,96m2
ul. Toruńska 32  Renting through recourse 13,32m2
ul. Rudzka 39 Renting through recourse 41,03 m2

Where can I get more information?


Wydział Lokalowy pok. 17  
tel. 32 75 50 612


Wydział Gospodarki Nieruchomości pok. 217
tel. 32 75 50 670
Referat Przedsiębiorczości i Obsługi Inwestora, pok. 325
Tel. 32 75 50 720

Updated: 2018-10-09