Urząd Miasta Racibórz
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Economic potential

Dynamic development

Stable labour market, access to well-qualified employees together with the status of a strong economic centre where successful and innovative projects are developed place Racibórz among the towns offering best opportunities for development in Poland and in Europe. Large number and variety of incentives and bonuses for companies make current investments in Racibórz worth giving a serious consideration. Companies well-known in Poland and abroad, such as Sunex S.A., RAFAKO S.A. or ZPC Mieszko, are already based in Racibórz.

High opportunity sectors


The authorities of Racibórz actively monitor the local labour market trying to assisst investors the decision proces while considering investments in Racibórz.

Industry and the medical sector

Given the long history of production and industry-based companies in Racibórz, combined with educational profiles selected in local secondary, vocational and higher-education schools, together with a wide range of available investment grounds and favourable attitude of local authorities, Racibórz should be considered as a place offering excellent opportunities for development of businesses in industry and medical sectors.

Tourism, hotel and food services

Picturesque landscape together with a well-developed public transport (railway and coach transport), accompanied with its location close to a wide network of national and regional roads and motorways (A1, A4 and the Czech D1 motorway) make Racibórz a well-suited place for investments in tourism and recreation. There are numerous tourist (historical and nature/wildlife) attractions in the area, such as The Racibórz Dukes’ Castle, the Church of the Ascent of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, “Łężczok” nature reserve or other beautiful areas protected by the Nautre 2000 environmental protection network. Racibórz can be a good starting point for trips in the area of Kotlina Raciborsko-Oświęcimska (the Racibórz-Oświęcim Valley), which makes the town an attractive place for investments in a hotel and food-service sectors.

Logistics and transport

The location in the South-Western part of Poland, close to the Polish-Czech boarder, an important role in the Western Subregion of Silesia together with a large number of companies (including the industry and production sectors) rise a good opportunity for the development of businesses in logistics and transport. Another important factor in the development of these sectors is a well-developed network of roads – national, regional, local as well as motorways.

Silesian voivodship

Analysis carried out for Silesia show that the following have been identified as high opportunity sectors for the Silesian voivodship: automotive industry, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), high-tech and tourism.

More information about business opportunities for tourism in Silesia can be found on https://www.slaskie.travel/en-US

 More information about general business opportunities in Silesia can be found on the Regional Investor Support Centre website: http://www.rcoi.pl/en/

Infrastructural potential of Racibórz

  Infographic showing the strengths of Racibórz

Information on the business environment institutions providing services providing opportunities
for optimal business development can be found here: https://www.raciborz.pl/english/Support_institutions

 Updated: 2019-07-23