St. Nicholas' church

Location: Racibórz-Stara Wieś, ul. Kościelna
Bicycle trails: 6 - red
Tourist route: - Husarii Polskiej

St. Nicholas' churchThis monumental, Neogothic temple is situated in the Stara Wieś town quarter. It was erected between 1901 and 1902. It has got the tallest church tower in the town. Tradition says the original wooden church was erected here as soon as about 1060, in place of a Jewish synagogue. At about 1287 the reconciled bishop of Wrocław Tomasz II and duke Henryk IV Probus prayed here together, this became the basis of Jan Długosz`s historic writings. This important event is commemorated by the so called „statue of reconciliation”, placed near the church, at the junction of Głubczycka and Mariańska streets. (Kościelna Street)


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