St. Mary's Column

Location: Racibórz-Stare Miasto, Rynek
Tourist route:
- Husarii Polskiej
- Polskich Szk. Mniejszość

A unique historic monument created by an outstanding Baroque sculptor Jan Melchior Österreich. Erected in 1727 as a vote offering, it was founded by Maria Elżbieta Gaszyńska and the town councilors who wished to thank St. Mary for saving the town from the cholera epidemic. There are ornaments with the coat of arms with images of angels and also figures of St. Florian (patron saint of fire), St. Sebastian (of epidemic) and St. Marcel (of Racibórz town) on the column. According to a peculiar prophecy, Racibórz will be flooded should anyone dare to dig around the column’s plinth.

St. Mary's Column St. Mary's Column from behind

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