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Location: Hradec nad Moravicí
Bicycle trails: 551, 6055, 6141, 6159
Tourist route:


Chateau in Hradec nad Moravicí outsideAt the entrance to the picturesque valley of the river Moravice, and below the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains is situated a town called Hradec nad Moravicí. The socalled “Red Chateau” and “White Chateau” with a beautiful park are a popular destination for tourists. The history of the Hradec castle is very turbulent. Initially, in the 13th century, it was a Gothic castle. In the mid-17th century it was rebuilt as a Renaissance chateau. After 1796, it was againChateau in Hradec nad Moravicí inside reconstructed, this time in the Empire style. Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer, visited the chateau twice, in 1806 and in 1811. It is believed that the famous violinist Niccoló Paganini paid a visit, too, in 1828. Between the years 1846 and 1848, Ferenz List stayed here. Annually, a national contest of classical music interpretation (piano, violin and string quartets) is held here. Since 1962 this contest has been called the Ludwig van Beethoven Contest. The Red Chateau – a neo-gothic annex building, which at the time were stables, a carriage hall and farm buildings – today a restaurant, a concert hall and a hotel.

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