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Golf course in Šilheřovice

Location: Šilheřovice
Bicycle trails: 6091, 6093
Tourist route:


Golf course in Šilheřovice treeOn the border with Poland, 8 km north of the town of Hlučín there is a community known to all golf lovers. In one part there is a chateau with an 18-hole golf course. The place was first mentioned in 1377. A fortress was built there in the 16th century. The originally Classicist chateau was reconstructed as a pseudo- Baroque building in the 2nd half of the19th century. There is a hunting manor nearby, surrounded by an English park (opened between the years 1820–30), covering an area of 98 hectares. There grow beech trees, rhododendrons, Tatar maple trees, yew trees and other precious species.

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