Green Areas

There are three parks covering an area of 21.11hectares, greens and lawn squares as well as the municipal Obora Forest ( 181.12 hectares).

The town can boast of numerous domestic species of trees, bushes and flowers. They are represented by oaks, ash trees, lindens, maples, horse chestnuts, beeches, hornbeams, poplars, rowans, and spruces, pear and cherry trees. We can also admire species typical to different climatic zones, like for example, ginkgo biloba, white oaks, pin oaks, plane trees or bald cypresses. Moreover, when getting around the town, the tourists can also discover the following species: magnolia, tulip, Turkish filbert, or Cornelian cherry dogwood.

On the territory of the Roth Park we can find a picturesque pond covering an area of 10 000 square metres with a wooded islet. This place is very popular with the amateurs of water recreation.

The castle park surrounds one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Raciborz. There is also the Silesian Insurgents Memorial, unveiled in 1958. The park is an ideal place

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