Jánské Koupele (spa)

Location: Jánské Koupele
Bicycle trails: 551
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Jánské Koupele (spa)Jánské Koupele was found as a spa in 1811. Today’s appearance originates from 1895. During World War II the spa was turned into a prisonerof- war camp. After the war, the spa was not renewed. Today work is being done to renovate and reconstruct the whole spa. Jánské Koupele was one of the strongest acid-coal-iron spas in the Czech Republic. The spa is located in a very healthy region, with a wonderful climate. There are three springs there: “Marie” (1st) and “Pavla” (2nd) are radioactive springs. “Lesní pramen”(3rd) is currently not being exploited.

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