Racibórz pomaga Ukrainie. Dołącz do akcji!

Location: Racibórz-Las Obora
Bicycle trails: 2 - yellow, 317 – blue
Tourist route:
- Husarii Polskiej
- Polskich Szk. Mniejszość

The Moravian Gate Arboreal ParkIt takes up the area of an old forest, bought by the town people from the duke of Racibórz in 1931, always called the Obora forest. There are 150 hectares of hilly area, with adominating mixed forest, rich in interesting examples of flora, fauna and mushrooms, thanks to the nearby Morawska Gate, through which many varieties of fauna have migrated. One can encounter oak trees here with a 4-meter circumference, numerous gorges, ponds, springs and brooks and also especially created collections of plants. The logo of this arboreal park is cieszynianka wiosenna, found here on February 23rd, 1830. One can follow two marked out and well signed educational footpaths: dendrological and ecological. There is also a mini-zoo, fitness trail, toboganning path and a small ski jump. Fans of military history can find the remains of fortifications from the uprising times and post German trenches. In the 60. of the 20th century Cracow archaeologists did research on kurhans, dated back to 5-8th century.

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