The Reiswitzs' secret

Location: Tworków
Bicycle trails: 9 - blue, 341 – green, 39 - black
Tourist route: - Polskich Szkół Mniejszościowych

The Reiswitzs' secretThe church of Apostles Peter and Paul is considered a Baroque pearl in Upper Silesia. It was built between 1691 and 1697. It has got beautiful altar and aisles, a collator box and frescoes. There is a unique exhibition in Europe of eleven decorated coffins with remains of local Protestant powerful and wealthy members of the von Reiswitz family. Another part of this exhibition is a collection of child funeral outfits, outstanding against similar collections in Poland (e.g. Wawel, Legnica) and in Europe (Vienna, Munich). Near the church there are the ruins of a Neorenaissance castle, surrounded with a park.

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