Slezská Harta dam

Location: Leskovec nad Moravicí
Bicycle trails: 503, 6162, 6142, 6164

Slezská Harta damThis dam was built above the Kružberk dam in the valley of the river Moravice near the western border of the Opava Region in the years 1987–1997. The dam was constructed to improve water quality in the Kružberk drinking-water reservoir. The volume of the reservoir is up to 218.7 million m3 of water. The dam is 540 meters long. The area of the valley of the river Moravice and the brook “Černý potok”, which disappeared because of the dam, is about 870 hectares together. Among others, a water power plant is part of the reservoir. “The Slezská Harta” dam offers many opportunities for water sports lovers, fishermen, and to those who like hiking.

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