The town fortifications

Location: Racibórz-Stare Miasto
Bicycle trails: numery
Tourist route:
- Husarii Polskiej
- Polskich Szk. Mniejszość

The town fortificationsThe first battlements were erected in the 13th century. The embankments, surrounded with a moat have successfully protected the town against invaders, amongst others: the Mongolians, bishop Brunon’s Ołomuniec army and the Scytowie tribe. It is estimated that the length of all the battlements (in some parts as high up as 9 meters) amounted to ca 1,8 kilometers. The best preserved section of battlements is the one on Basztowa street. There is an old Gothic-Renaissance prison tower erected in the 16th century. Other can be found on Batorego, Podwale, Drzymały, Browarna and Gimnazjalna streets.

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