Racibórz pomaga Ukrainie. Dołącz do akcji!

Location: Racibórz-Centrum, ul. Opawska
Tourist route: - Husarii Polskiej

The town of Roth parkImpressive examples and numbers of trees take up the area of a former 19th century evangelical-catholic cemetery that was eliminated in the 50s of the 20th century and the area of prewar Eichendorf park, where one could sail and canoe on the gondola pond. The area is altogether 5 hectares. At the riverside, at Bema street, there is a monumental Taxodium distichum, a rare species in Poland and a beautiful example of edible Cornus. On the post cemetery grounds there are numerous strains of ivy, for example common ivy (blooms in late autumn), that grow on old trees such as impressive oak and lime trees.

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