Tax rates

Property tax rates

The current property tax rates in Racibórz are as follows:  
L.p. Property Tax rate in 2019
1. Housing property 0,70 zł/m2
2. Business premises 23,00 zł/m2
3. Buildings used in raw seed material distribution 10,68 zł/m2
4. Healthcare buildings 4,60 zł/m2
5. Free standing garages or garages in buildings 7,62 zł/m2
 6. Other buildings (including buildings used for payable NGO activity)  7,62 zł/m2
In case of utility/farm buildings or their parts: 4,28 zł/m2
 7.  Large building structures  2% of value
 8.  Connected with any form of economic activity  0,86 zł /m2
9. Under surface water deposits 4,48 zł /ha
 10.  Other (including land used for payable NGO activity)  0,38 zł /m2
11. Undeveloped land in urban re-development areas 2,96 zł/m2

The resolution of the Town Council of Racibórz on the property tax rates for 2018 together with the necessary application forms is available here:

Motor vehicle tax

Local rates of the motor vehicle tax are define in the Town Council Resolution no XXIII/315/2016 dated 30 November (link to the resolution is:HERE)

Farm tax

Farm tax rates applicable in 2017 are as follows:

  • 134,38 zł/ha for farms,
  • for non-farming land: 268,75 zł/ha

Farm tax application forms can be downloaded here:

Forest tax

The forest tax rate applicable in 2016 is 42,19 zł/ha of forest.
All forests forming a part of natural reserves have the tax rate lowered by 50% to 21,09 zł/ha.
Forest tax application forms can be downloaded here:

Updated: 2019-07-24

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