About Raciborz

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to invest in Racibórz.
What have we got for you? First of all, we can offer you high quality investment sites with existing access roads (accessible even for heavy transport) and developed  utilities.  You can also count on a number of tax reliefs and incentives that will make your business in Racibórz thrive. Tax reliefs are offered both on the local, as well as regional level, especially on investment sites included in the Katowice Special Economic Zone portfolio. You can also make use of financial incentives for energy source optimization or group purchases within the Racibórz Chamber of Commerce.
I am fully aware that businesses today seek not only attractive investment sites and tax reliefs but also places where entrepreneurs do not have to waste their time on navigating through complex legal regulations. It is primarily our job to sort out the bureaucracy. That is why a dedicated Investors’ Support Department has been set up to assist you in dealing with the necessary formalities and obtaining the required permissions or certificates. You can also count on our help to promote your companies outside of Racibórz.

I guarantee that we do everything we can to ensure easy access to well-qualified employees. Racibórz is the only place in Upper Silesia with the State School of Higher Vocational Education which offers thorough practical preparation as well theoretical knowledge.  As one of few towns in the region we have decided to provide subsidised flats available to highly qualified specialists in your companies on preferential terms.  

Money means a lot, but it definitely is not everything. Racibórz is not only a great place to invest, it is also an excellent place to live. We are surrounded by picturesque landscape and beautiful nature. Our historical heritage is the pride of the entire region. We have a modern aqua park and a large network of cycling routes. Recently, a town beach has been opened and it definitely is not our final word – new attractions and recreation facilities are continuously being developed and introduced.

Yours faithfully

Dariusz Polowy
Mayor of Racibórz

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