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Reasons to Invest in Racibórz

Poland - a country of great opportunities

Poland has a stable economy, well-established macroeconomic. Unique conditions for doing business and opening are supported by repeatedly evidenced resistance to economic crises. More information about the investment attractiveness of our country and the economic can be obtained at: https://www.paih.gov.pl/polish_regions/voivodships and https://www.paih.gov.pl/sectors

Strengths of Racibórz

There are numerous advantages to developing your business in Racibórz. The town is a strong economic and industrial centre with long-lasting traditions in SME as well as large enterprise development. There are more than 5,2 thousand private businesses in Racibórz, including companies known both in Poland and abroad. The town’s pro-business policy is shaped taking into consideration the current economic position of Racibórz, its strengths and opportunities the town offers for businessmen.

Why is it worth to invest in Racibórz? The town’s strengths

Why is it worth to invest in Racibórz? The town’s strengths

Excellent geographical and logistic location – Racibórz is located close to the Polish – Czech border (7km), very close to Ostrava (45km), one of the important Czech towns. There are 3 motorways within the 40km radius: A1, A4 and the Czech D1 motorway. To say that Racibórz is located in the centre of Europe is not an exaggeration – two voivodship captials (Wrocław and Kraków) are located within 150km from Racibórz and the capitals of Poland and Austria are 372 and 333km from Racibórz respectively.

Location map of the City of RacibórzLocation map of the City of Racibórz

The town has good access to two international airports. The nearest one is located in Ostrava (approx 40km from Racibórz), whereas the other one is the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport (80km from Racibórz).
Racibórz has a well-developed road infrastruture that is being continuously improved, modernized and extended to facilitate the road transport.

Investment sites in Racibórz guarantee full access to all necessary utilities at competitive prices. Water prices are among the lowest in Silesia – 3,62 zł, which is the nett price for m3 of water, is 33% lower than the price in Katowice, 32% lower than Tychy and 29/28% lower than the neighbouring Wodzisław Śląski and Rybnik respectively. 10,79 zł is the nett price for m3 of water and sewage jointly, which is the lowest of all 25 boroughs in Subregion Zachodni (the Western Subregion of Silesia). Additionally, local businesses can take part in group purchases of gas and electricicty which can lower the prices up to 40% in comparison to prices for individual customers. These are the privileges available to members of the Racibórz Chamber of Commerce.  

Investment potential of Racibórz and the advantages offered by the Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Żory Subzone of the Katowice Economic Zone

Racibórz is a town of considerable investment potential – Racibórz provides a rich and diverse investment site offer varying in their function (production, services, sport and recreation, housing etc.) and the available area. Some of the investment sites are included in the portfolio of the Jastrzębie-Zdrój & Żory Subzone of the Katowice Economic Zone.
Most of the available investment sites are fully equipped with all necessary utilities or during the improvement process.
The investment sites are covered by the zoning plan and - what is important - all sites have a clear legal status (either the ownership or perpetual usufruct by the municipality), which significantly shortens the purchase.
The investment sites are on offer in competitive prices – even 33 zł nett/m2.

Complex investor support

The Town of Racibórz supports investors on all stages of the investment process, including obtaining all necessary administrative decisions and investment-related problem solving. What is more, all investors developing their businesses in Racibórz are covered with a complex post-investment assistance.

Strong local entrepreneurship and well-developed industry

Economy and industry in Racibórz are highly developed – there are more 5200 businesses registered in the town, whereas in Poviat Raciborski there are 8500 businesses, including such well-known brands as Rafako S.A., Henkel S.A., Mieszko S.A. or SGL Carbon S.A.
High quality and professionalism of Racibórz companies is confirmed by the fact that many local business hold ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certificates. Some companies based in Racibórz are on the Polish stock market, which reflects their economic potential and high importance for the regional as well as international markets.

Strategic direction of Racibórz: to suport local economy and entrepreneurship

The key development policy of Racibórz concentrates on business and entrepreneurship support. As the only town in Subregion Zachodni and one of the few towns in Poland, Racibórz is implementing a Business and Entrepreneurship Support Programme for the years 2015-2020, which outlines all activities aimed at continuous support for local companies and new investors, as well as promotion and educational activities (the document is available on https://www.raciborz.pl/dla_mieszkancow/Program_Wspierania_Przedsiebiorczosci

Entrepreneurship and Investor’s Support Department was set up to implement the Racibórz Town Hall’s policy of “open doors for business”. The department provides continuous support for new investors as well as companies already present in the local market.

Local entrepreneurs lead a real dialogue with the authorities of Racibórz through the President’s of Racibórz Council on Business and Economy.

Racibórz provides numerous tax reliefs, bonuses and incentives for local business, including property tax reliefs within the scope of de-minimis aid, income tax reliefs for investments within the Katowice Economic Zone, “Offices for start-ups” – cheap offices for new companies or flats for highly qualified specialists within the scope of the “Live and work in Racibórz” programme. What is more, it is possible to get a workplace equipment cost refunded if an unemployed person is given a job (a programme implemented by the local Employment Agency for Poviat Raciborski.

There are local business support institutions in Racibórz, including the Racibórz Business Incubator operating within the structure of the Polish-Czech Centre for Economic Development offering free business support and guidance for both existing as well as new companies.

Racibórz undertakes many activities aimed at promoting the town in Poland and abroad. The municipality initiates B2B contacts and supports foreign expansion of local companies, which is reflected in a cooperation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Silesian Centre of Investor and Exporter Support.

The Town Hall of Racibórz actively communicates with local entrepreneurs and promotes activities aimed at supporting local businesses. Local companies are also promoted on a dedicated website built to support entrepreneurship in Racibórz: https://www.przedsiebiorczyraciborz.pl/ as well as the official Facebook profile of „Entrepreneurial Racibórz” https://www.facebook.com/PrzedsiebiorczyRaciborz/?fref=ts.

Through a European Funding Mobile Support Centre local companies can access all necessary information concerning EU funding opportunities and other support programmes for SMEs. An on-going cooperation with local consultancies is also in place, as is a close cooperation within the scope of Silesia Euroregion with the Czech boroughs located in the border area.

Human resources and development of their skills

Racibórz offers to local companies a considerable human resource potential – 64,9% of the population of Poviat Raciborski is represented by the working-age group. The unemployment rate for 2015 was 6,7%.

The town has put into effect an active cooperation with the institutions operating on the local labour market. Regular labour market research is carried out to collect data on deficit/surplus occupations in Poviat Raciborski. The available statistical data and reports can be found here: http://raciborz.praca.gov.pl/rynek-pracy/statystyki-i-analizy/statystyki-pup-raciborz

Racibórz has a well-developed educational system. There are 38 educational institutions responsible for education on various levels – from the basic level (primary schools) to secondary and vocational schools educating specialists in economy, building and mechanics.

To provide highly qualified and well-trained personnel the Town Hall of Racibórz closely cooperates with Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Raciborzu (the State School of Higher Vocational Education in Racibórz) and Poviat Raciborski, whose main aim is to make Racibórz a strong academic centre.

Active housing and residential policy

Racibórz has substantial resources of housing plots for individual as well as multi-family housing. Also, a special programme aimed at making flats available to highly qualified specialists on preferential terms has been set up. Subsidised council houses are also developed in Racibórz.

Tourist and recreation attractions

Picturesque landscape and numerous historical monuments reflecting the 8 centuries of Racibórz history offer a considerable touristic and recreational potential. A well-developed hotel and accommodation base is another important positive factor from a tourist’s point of view.  https://www.raciborz.pl/turystyka_raciborz_zabytki/index

Castle of the Dukes of Racibórz  Castle of the Dukes of Racibórz  Castle of the Dukes of Racibórz

Defensive walls (ramparts)

Defensive walls (ramparts)

The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1205

The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1205




The Castle Park

                                        The Castle Park 




„Łężczok” – the forest and lake natural reserve„Łężczok” – the forest and lake natural reserve

The Moravian Gate ArboretumThe Moravian Gate Arboretum

Photographs: Wojciech Kamiński


Pro-ecological town

In 2001, as the first town in Poland and Europe, Racibórz acquired the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Racibórz is a leader in Poland in production of renewable energy equipment and promotion of their usage in renewable energy-based heating systems.

The list presented above, even if long, it does not include all advantages that Racibórz has on offer. If more information is required, please contact the Entrepreneurship and Investor’s Support Department in the Town Hall of Racibórz.

Information on the business environment institutions providing services providing opportunities
for optimal business development can be found here: https://www.raciborz.pl/english/Support_institutions

Contact data:
Urząd Miasta w Raciborzu (the Town Hall of Racibórz)
Referat Przedsiębiorczości i Obsługi Inwestora (Entrepreneurship and Investor’s Support Department)
ul. Batorego 6, 47-400 Racibórz
Tel.: +48 (32) 755 07 20
e-mail: rozwoj@um.raciborz.pl

Updated: 2019-07-24

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