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General information

Undeveloped real estate in Racibórz. An integral part of the real estate is a complex of unfinished and unused open pools. 54% of the area is covered with standing waters. This is a wasteland area covered with gravel and clay works that are no longer in use. Total land area: 38,5ha.
Road connections:
with the A4 motorway:
- in the Nort-East via the regional road DW 919  (40km; Sośnicowice junction)
with the D1 motorway in the Czech Republiciej (Chałupki/Bohumin boarded crossing)

- from the North-West via the national road DK 45 (25 km)
with the A1 motorway via DW935 (26km)
Distance from the airport: Katowice – Pyrzowice (90 km), Ostrava – Mosnov (69 km)
Distance from the railway station: 3,2km, approx. 8 min.
Name of the railway station: Racibórz
Distance to the railway siding: 3,6km, approx. 9 min.
Electricity: approx. 10-15m from the plot boundary (in ul. Grzonki)
Gas: approx. 15m from the plot boundary (in ul. Grzonki)
Water: available on the plot

Sewage system: approx. 15m from the plot boundary (in ul. Grzonki)
Sewage treatment plant: Racibórz, ul. Wodna 19, approx. 10 min

Nett asking price:

Not applicable

Tender guarantee:

Not applicable

Land survey markers

Real estate including land plots with the following numbers: 888/883 i 890/884 (k.m.3), Ostróg range.

Local Zoning Plan  

Sport and recreation areas

Form of sale

Offer to be prepared on submission of real estate purchase request

Tender location

Date and location of the tender procedure to remain to be defined

Tender announcement publication

Not applicable

Contact details

ul. Stefana Batorego 6
47-400 Racibórz

Referat Przedsiębiorczości i Obsługi Inwestora w Wydziale Rozwoju
pokój 325, tel. 32 755 07 20/21

Wydział Gospodarki Nieruchomościami
pokój 217, tel. 32 755 06 70

Investment area at Rudzka streetInvestment area at Rudzka

 Investment area at Rudzka street
Investment area at Rudzka street

 Updated: 2019-07-23

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