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Racibórz – a place for your investment!

The Town Hall of Racibórz is fully engaged in creating favourable conditions for the development of local businesses and attracting new investments. Day-to-day activities include numerous promotional undertakings as well as continuous satisfaction monitoring among the investors in Racibórz.

Racibórz is known for its open-door policy for entrepreneurs, whose opinions are crucial for the overall improvement of the quality of business support offered by local institutions.
Several interviews with successful businessmen who have chosen Racibórz as an optimum location for the development of their companies are given below.


An interview with Albert Polak, the CEO of Koltech Sp. z o.o.
Koltech Sp. z o.o. has already been 25 years in the market and from its very beginning the company is primarily active in two sectors. One branch of the company deals in design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of equipment and complex machinery for  the railway vehicle maintenance, whereas the other branch of the company – the Engineering System Division – is devoted to the development, implementation and distribution of advanced PLM systems.
Today, Racibórz is not in an easy position, as it is one of many towns and cities trying to attract investors and develop the local economy. Therefore, big credit must be given to the authorities of Racibórz for promoting the town and supporting local businesses. Personally, I’m grateful for the opportunity to develop our new production and office infrastructure within the Katowice Special Economic Zone. It is very important that businesses can expand within the area where the necessary infrastructure – roads, utilities etc. have already been developed.
I think that people can be considered our biggest asset and our biggest advantage. I claim it to be our success that we’ve managed to create an image of a company that encourages young people to develop their potential. The labour market in Silesia is not particularly rich because many well-educated, open-minded young people migrate to work abroad, where – in most cases – they do other things than they’d been qualified for. We try to cooperate closely with educational institutions on various levels. Our company offers internships and scholarships for young people. I don’t think it has ever happened that anybody who was interested in developing a professional relationship with Koltech was declined straight away.
The seat of the company is in Racibórz but we are present in many markets throughout the world, including the Asian market, where we’ve sold a number of machines for wind turbines, equipment for the Beijing underground and underground railway systems in other Chinese cities, receiving no single negative example of cooperation with these companies.

SUNEX Company

An interview with Romuald Kalyciok – a CEO of Sunex S.A.
We started our business activity in 1995 but Sunex was founded in 2002. In 2005 we set up a private equity company that is present in the stock exchange. From its beginnings, our company is active in the renewable energy market.  Our product range includes solar thermal panels, PV panels, heat pumps, mounting systems for solar panels etc. Our considerable knowledge base , together with the people working in our company, can be considered our biggest and most valuable assets. Thanks to well-qualified personnel we’re now able to manufacture solar-thermal production machines that we sell to other companies. All our products, including solar thermal panels and heat pumps, are certified for European markets. Becoming the first Polish renewable energy company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange is definitely our biggest success.
Our location in Racibórz is very important and is by no means a coincidence. There are many companies with technical background in the Racibórz area which is closely related to the fact that in this area there are many people – potential employees – with technical education, considerable expertise and professional skills in such areas as welding, construction etc. There are also technical schools with high level of technical education so we can definitely identify something that can be called “a technology gene” in this area. All this makes it easier for production companies, such as Sunex, to operate, find qualified personnel and be competitive in the market. Sunex also helps in training and educating young professionals from the local technical school. On the one hand, such activities make it easier to find good employees in the future, but on the other hand our actions raise ecological awareness and support the technical background in the area.
Knowing other towns in Poland, I’m fully aware that local authorities can easily discourage businesses from growing, particularly through overdeveloped bureaucracy. Racibórz is different in this aspect – authorities and clerks of Racibórz Municipality definitely do not hinder the growth of businesses. On the contrary - they try to be supportive in many areas – there is an economic zone in Racibórz, a number of investment sites ready for development etc. In my opinion, the more companies and competition in the market, the better, as it stimulates interest in the region among employees and creates the perception of the area as a place with easy access to stable and competitive employment.

Updated: 2019-07-24

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