Ostrava Poruba

PORUBA - is currently the second most populous district in Ostrava. Several important institutions are based here: University of Science and Technology Ostrava, the largest health center in the district Academic Hospital Ostrava. The Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center is located on the border of Ostrava and Pustkovets.

The partnership agreement was signed on June 10, 2022 in Raciborz

Signing of the partnership agreement; pictured from right:

  • Prezydent Raciborza Dariusz Polowy
  • Starostka Ostravy-Poruby Lucie Baránková

The friendly cities cooperate with each other in terms of:

  • Co-organization and participation in activities of a social, educational, sports and economic nature,
  • support meetings of children and young people, representatives of social organizations, professional groups, creative teams,
  • exchange of general information, especially on the activities of local authorities, education, culture, promotion, sports, social assistance, experience in solving the problems of residents, economic development,
  • mutual promotion of both Cities.


Úřad městského obvodu Poruba
Klimkovická 55/28
708 56 Ostrava-Poruba

tel. +420 599 480 111

Surface: 13,18 km²
Distance: 35 km (DK 45 trasa 469)

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