Zugló, the 14th district of the capital city Budapest
with the area of 18.15 km², located in the centre of Budapest.
The district is of suburban character owing to the park and the prevailing detached residences. Apart from Városliget, a city park with the area of 1.2 km², Zugló also offers plenty of museums and attractions.

Signing of the co-operation agreement on 11th December 2008.

podpisanie listuIn the photo, from the left:

  • Vice-President of Racibórz Wojciech Krzyżek
  • Mayor of Zugló Leonárd Weinek,

The agreement is a result of over 10 years of co-operation between educational institutions of both cities. The long-term co-operation started in 1997 during the great flood on the initiative of Polish community.

Partnership co-operation covers the following areas:

  • education and upbringing,
  • social affairs,
  • culture,
  • tourism, sports and recreation,
  • co-operation in environmental protection,
  • co-operation in counteracting the impact of disasters,
  • exchange of experience in administration and local government work.


Zugló Önkormányzat Polgármestere
Pétervárad u. 2
1145 Budapest
Telefon: +36 1 8729 100


Granice administracyjne miasta ZugloSurface: 18,13 km²
Distance: 455 km

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