Over the years Racibórz has become known as the cultural capital of the region, which is now supported by day-to-day activity of such institutions of culture as:

  • Raciborskie Centrum Kultury – ul. Chopina 21 (the Racibórz Centre of Culture),
  • Dom Kultury Strzecha – ul. Londzina 38 („Strzecha” Cultural Centre),
  • Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury – ul. Stalmacha 12 (the Youths’ Cultural Centre),
  • The Museum – ul. Rzeźnicza 15,
  • Cinemas: Bałtyk (ul. Londzina 13) and Przemko (ul. Londzina 38),
  • 11 Municipal libraries.

The rich culture and local traditions and cultivated by the people of Racibórz, as well as a number of cultural organizations and associations, such as Towarzystwo Miłośników Ziemi Raciborskiej (the Association of Racibórz Area Enthusiasts) and the Seniors’ Club.

The Town Hall organizes numerous cultural events and festivals – there are about 100 events organized every year.

The most important cultural events include:

  • Days of Racibórz,
  • Racibórz Medieval Festival,
  • „Windmill” Tourist and Adventure Festival,
  • Yearly Student Carnival,
  • Night with the Ghosts on the Castle,
  • J. von Eichendorff Choir Festival,
  • Henryk Klai Days of Organ Music,
  • Open Racibórz Scrabble Championship,
  • Ks. Kazimierz Szwarlik Regional Qualifiers to the National Festival of Christmas Carols,
  • INTRO Festival.

Detailed information on the cultural events in Racibórz can be found on

 Updated: 2019-07-23

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