Human resources

Various initiatives are undertaken in Racibórz to provide well-qualified personnel for local businesses.

Education tailored to the local labour market is one of the four priorities of the local Entrepreneurship Support Programme.

Numerous activities of the District Employment Agency (for Poviat Raciborski) include continuous monitoring of the labour market, collecting data on deficit/surplus occupations in the poviat market, provide skill-improvement opportunities for local employees and undertakes projects aimed at reducing the level of economic migrations of employees.

Actions undertaken locally in the area of Racibórz are reflected in positive statistics and labour market indicators that are better than the average for both, the country, as well as the voivodship. The unemployment rate in 2017 was 5,3%.

63,74% of the population of Racibórz are in the working age, whereas 15,22% are still in the pre-working age.

  • Men and women aged 30 to 34 are the biggest age group among men in Poviat Raciborski,
  • In the period from 2014 to 2017 varied from 7,4 to 5,3%, which is a lower value than the average for the country and Silesian Voivodsihp.
  • Unemployment rate for 2017 it was as low as 5,3%.
  • Ther average gross monthly pay in Poviat Raciborski is 4 143,91 PLN, which is 91,5% of the gross monthly pay in Poland in 2017.

The working group in Racibórz numbers 16.240* in total, whereas in Poviat Raciborski the working group is as a large as 24.106*. There are 1.246* and 2.302* unemployed in Racibórz and Poviat Raciborski respectively. In both cases women account for about 61,9% of the unemployed.

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  • 15,3% of workers in Racibórz are employed in farming and agriculture,
  • 36,5% of workers are employed in industry and the building sector,
  • 46% of people are employed in services (trade, car mechanics, transport, hotel and food services, information and communication),
  • Only 2,2% of the employees work in the financial sector (finance and insurance, real estate).

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 Racibórz in figures. Infographic showing the structure of population and employment in basic economic sectors

More information on the situation in the local labour market in Poviat Raciborski can be found on the website of the local Employment Agency:

Current demographic data for respective regions of Poland as well as the entire country can be found on the website of the Central Statistical Office of Poland: .

Racibórz labour market in a nutshell:

Indicato Racibórz

Poviat Raciborski

Silesian Voivodship Poland

55 404

 109 111

 4 559 169

38 432 992
Area 75 km2

 543,98 km2

12 333 km2

 312 679 km2
Unemployment rate -



Average monthly gross pay

-  3 864,61 zł

 4 295,29 zł

4 290,52 zł

Working-age group (as % of the whole)

35 316

70 155

2 818 424

23 768 000
Pre-working age group (as % of the whole)  8 431
 17 351
767 290
6 896 000

Tab.: the key macroeconomic data for Racibórz and the entire Country;
Source: Central Statistical Office of Poland1

*- status for 2016.

Updated: 2019-07-23

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