Sports and recreation

Sporting traditions

Spectacular successes of local sportsmen and women, born and training in Racibórz for many years, make the town a noticeable landmark on the sports map of Poland. A well-developed local sports infrastructure is an important factor contributing to such successes as numerous intercontinental successes of Ryszard Wolny, a world-famous wrestler, or Monika Brzostek and Justyna Święty – the two sportswomen competing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Sports and recreation infrastructure

The people of Racibórz as well as the tourists arriving in the town can use a well-developed local sport and recreation infrastructure including:


Rafako Arena is a multifunction sports and entertainment hall that can accommodate up to 470 people (with an option of temporary extension up to 1000 people).

Sports and Recreation Centre in Racibórz

The Sports and Recreation Centre has the richest and most diverse offer in town, including an indoor swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, a sports ground with a running track and a multifunction sports hall. Detailed information on the offer of the local sports centre is available on

H2Ostróg Aquapark

If you like swimming and other aqua attractions H2OSTRÓG Aquapark is definitely a place worth visiting. Detailed information on the offer of H2OSTRÓG is available on

Odra embankments

The development of Odra embankments in Racibórz is currently in progress. The project includes building an 800m2 beach with a terrace, as well as playgrounds, sports grounds and a street workout park.


To enable pleasurable and effective sightseeing in Racibórz, a rent-a-bike service was opened in ul. Długa 2 (the building of the Racibórz Information Centre). Bikes can be rented every day from the 1st of April to the 30th of October. More information about the local rent-a-bike service is available on

Apart from the facilities listed above, the sport and recreation infrastructure in Racibórz includes:

  • 10 stadiums and large sports grounds,
  • 3 sport halls,
  • 3 indoor swimming pools,
  • 1 ice rink,
  • Obora camping site,
  • Mini Zoo,
  • 1 bowling centre and 1 billiard club,
  • 4 tennis centres (including 1 all-year centre),
  • 11 martial arts clubs,
  • 9 fitness centres,

The location of all sports grounds and buildings in Racibórz can be found on

 Updated: 2019-07-23

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