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Racibórz is a town, as well as a borough (gmina). At the same time, the authorities of Poviat Raciborski have their seat in Racibórz, which is a town holding its town privileges for about eight centuries.

More information about the rich history of Racibórz can be found here:

The town is strongly identified with Silesian traditions. Its excellent geographical location has stimulated the development of business in Racibórz for years. The town attracts large and medium-sized companies, as well as small and micro enterprises.

The economy of Poviat Raciborski, as one of the few poviats in the region, is very diverse – its character is not only industrial, it encompasses also food, electrical engineering and chemical sectors. What is more, Racibórz should be treated as the biggest centre of heavy industry in the region.

To stimulate new investments in the area of Racibórz, the Town Hall of Racibórz cooperates with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency ( and the Katowice Special Economic Zone Co (

All investors developing their businesses in Racibórz are covered with a complex post-investment assistance.

Population, land area and administrative units

  • Gmina Racibórz (the borough of Racibórz) covers the area of 75km2, populated by about 50.743 inhabitants.
  • Poviat Raciborski covers the area of 543,98km2. Its population is more 107.926

    Poviat Raciborski includes 8 smaller administrative units called „gmina” (boroughs): the town of Racibórz, Krzanowice, Kuźnia Raciborska, Kornowac, Krzyżanowice, Nędza, Pietrowice Wielkie, Rudnik.

 Geographical location

The exceptional geographical location and picturesque landscape are among the most distinguishing characteristics of Racibórz. The town is situated in the heart of Europe, in South-Western part of Poland. It is located within the 350 km radius from the key economic centres of Europe, such as Warsaw, Prague or Vienna and 500 km from Berlin and Budapest.

Investment area at Rudzka streetRacibórz forms a part of Województwo Śląskie (Silesia Voivodeship). The Southern border of Poviat Raciborski forms the Polish-Czech border. The nearest border crossing is located in Pietraszyn, 7km from Racibórz.
Racibórz is located in the valley of upper Odra with its picturesque landscape, forests and wildlife reserves situated adjacent to the second longest river in Poland. Owing to a well-developed hotel and restaurant network, the town can be a good starting point for trips in the area of Kotlina Raciborsko-Oświęcimska (the Racibórz-Oświęcim Valley). 



More information on the vast touristic potential of Racibórz and its surrondings can be found here:

 Logistics and communication

  • Racibórz is situated in close distance from capitals of 3 respective Voivodships:
    - Ostrava (the Czech Republic) – 45 km
    - Katowice – 76 km
    - Opole – 78 km
    Map of transport connections from Katowice - Pyrzowice airport

    Map of transport connections from Katowice - Pyrzowice airport

  • To get to Kraków (the capital of Małopolska), the distance of 145km must be covered, whereas 160km must be covered to get to Wrocław.
  • Racibórz is situated 372km from Warsaw.
  • Vienna, the capital of Austrai, is situated 39km closer to Racibórz than Warsaw, wheras the distance of 526km must be covered to get to Budapest (Hungary). 
  • The closest international airport is located in Ostrava, 40km from Racibórz, whereas the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport is 80km from Racibórz.
  • The A4 motorway is 40km from Racibórz, whereas the closest A1 motorway junction is 37 km from Racibórz.
  • The Czech D1 motorway is only 29km from Racibórz. 

Map of road connections

Map of road connections


There are many important communication routes running through Racibórz, including  DK45 in Opole direction, DW416 from Krapkowice, DW915 to Ciechowice, DW935 to Pszczyna. There is a passenger railway (REGIO) junction in Racibórz, enabling the connections with Katowice, Wrocław and Rybnik. 



The development of road infrastructure

A well-developed road infrastructure is an important factor in the development and day-to-day operation of many businesses. The road infrastructure in the area of Racibórz is under continuous development which shortens the travel times and improves the comfort of the journey. The key road development projects include:

- Droga Główna Południowa (the Racibórz section)
Once completed, the road will enable effective communication between Racibórz and the nearby cities (eg. Rybnik and Jastrzębie-Zdrój), as well as allowing good access to the A1 motorway.

- Racibórz - Pszczyna regional road
A dual carriageway with the function of Rybnik and Żory ring road that will at the same time enable the connection between Racibórz and Pszczyna.

- the Eastern ring road of Racibórz connecting the regional road Racibórz - Pszczyna and DK 45
The Eastern ring road of Racibórz will reduce the traffic in the peripheral districts of Racibórz suffering from the heavy traffic on the Opole-Chałupki road. It will also improve access to Miedonia, Obora and Brzezie (administrative units of Racibórz).

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Updated: 2023-07-23

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